I don’t know why, but bandanas have always made me think of Autumn.  Maybe it’s the County Fair and Rodeo, where they are a cowboy staple.  I love the bright colors and paisley designs.

When I saw the bandana quilt (top), I wanted to do a post about it.  Unfortunately, I could never find the source for the quilt, just an endless Pinterest loop.  I did however, find lots of other bandana craft projects.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Unknown Quilt  (Top) : This would make a small quilt, or tablecloth, but a border could be easily added to increase the size for a full size quilt.
  2. Harlequin Bandana Quilt: From Busy Little Bunch.
  3. Colorful Framed Bandanas: From Country Living.
  4. Triangle Quilt: Pinterest, Again.
  5. Bandana Backpack Kit, from Birch Street Clothing.
  6. Chevron Quilt Tutorial, from Dresden Carrie on The CSI Project.
  7. Bandana Covered Frame: Tutorial from Martha Stewart.
  8. Bandana Rag Wreath, from Crafts Unleashed.
  9. Bandana Pillows from Two Story Cottage.
  10. Bandana Covered Hangers, from Country Living.

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