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How to Make Tree Branch Buttons:
Great Tutorial from Maxwell Tielman, on Design*Sponge.
DIY Crocheted Leaves:
Lovely Tutorial, from creative jewish mom.
DIY “1-Up” Mushroom:
Free Crochet Pattern, from Crochet Spot.
DIY Crochet Snake:
Free Pattern from The Spotlight Inspiration Room.
*This pattern is written in UK terms, 
So here is a handy Crochet Terms Conversion Chart.

How To Create A Small Vegetable Garden Using A Garden Spiral:
Great Tutorial from Oh My Creative.
DIY Acorn Mushrooms:
Lovely Tutorial from Lil Fish Studios.
DIY Fairy Garden in a Box:
Great Gift Idea, from  Playful Learning.

How-to make your own decorative bird nests:
Nice Tutorial from The Pecks, via The Oregonian
Making Paper with Wildflower Seeds:
Nice Tutorial by Louise Moon, on Craftfoxes.
DIY Embroidered Cat Tote Bag:
Cute idea & mini tutorial, from The Pink Samurai.
DIY itty bitty crochet star:
Free chart & tutorial, from summerfete.

Make your own Fluffy Bunny:
Great free pattern and tutorial from roman sock.
DIY Origami Butterfly:
Lovely Tutorial from Todolwen.

DIY square knit bunny:
Great tutorial from lebenslustiger.
How to Make a “Viking Knit” Bracelet:
Great step-by-step tutorial, by Beading Gem on Scrib’d.